skagit maid creamery



about skagit maid

Skagit Maid Creamery started production of small-batch handmade cheese in June 2016. The creamery is located on Samish Island in Washington. We make camembert and ricotta. Soon we will make ice cream too.


The cheesemaker

Dorothy Bradshaw, owner and cheesemaker of Skagit Maid Creamery, has wanted to make cheese since she was in college. When she lived in Japan, she dreamed often of slathering a hunk of baguette with a nice ripe dollop of camembert.  Her first stop after three years of living in Asia was Paris, where she lived the dream.

The desire to actually make camembert (it was always camembert) never waned. Skagit Maid Creamery was licensed to make cheese in May 2016. The creamery took shape in a retro-fitted garage on Samish Island, it has an orange floor.


The name

Skagit Maid was an ice cream brand sold locally from 1932 to 1950. It seemed like a good solid name for a creamery. Dorothy asked the family who owned the company for permission to revive the use of the name. The family was happy to have the name take on a new life. Cheese was promised in return.


The teachers

To learn to make cheese, one must make cheese. Dorothy had the great fortune over the past year and a half to learn from some very talented and very patient cheesemakers. Huge thanks to those named and to many others who have shared experience, information and support.

- Marc Bates - Washington Cheese Making Short Course

- Rhonda Gothberg - Gothberg Farms

- Fred and Cheri Gustafson - Ring of Trees Farm

- Joyce Snook - Pleasant Valley Dairy